Irrigation E3 Program

Exposure, Experience & Education for Students & Teachers

The 2021 E3 program application will open this summer. 

The Irrigation Association has created a program that focuses on providing irrigation students (E3 learners) and faculty members (E3 leaders) with exposure, experience and education that revolves around the irrigation industry. We believe that the “three e’s” are the best way to actively engage the next generation of irrigators.

With the cancellation of the in-person Irrigation Show and Education Week comes a new look for the 2020 E3 program. In place of the in-person Irrigation Show, the IA will host Education Week+. The 2020 Education Week+ offers expanded virtual education and innovative ways for exhibitors to reach their audience. 

Irrigation E3 learners and leaders will receive an education award to participate in the virtual Education Week+, which will be hosted Nov. 30-Dec. 4. They are annually selected based on an application process.

Winners will have the chance to choose from 30 virtual education classes. These classes are offered to ensure you have the fundamental and practical skills necessary to design, install or maintain an irrigation system, as well as the business skills to manage a small irrigation company. The curriculum will pair with your chosen path of studies in the irrigation industry.

E3 winners will also participate in networking sessions and spend time with the 2020 E3 program lead sponsor, The Toro Company. This will take place during the week of Dec. 7-Dec. 11. As an added bonus, the winners will be able to attend the IAs Industry Insights. It is a weekly webinar series that will run from October 2020 to March 2021. The series will showcase the ever-changing and evolving business practices, research and technology in the industry. 

Irrigation E3 Learners

Students will receive an education award through an application process. View the 2020 learner criteria and requirements and how to apply.

Irrigation E3 Leaders

Faculty members can apply for an education award, based on availability, to become an Irrigation E3 leader. See the 2020 E3 leader criteria and requirements and how to apply.

For some schools, the Education Week+ dates coincide with final exams or the week prior to final exams; however, the E3 program schedule can be adjusted for students in these situations. Please contact the workforce development department (703.536.7080) with any questions or concerns. 


2021 Irrigation E3 Program
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