2021 Webinar Series

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Innovations in Surface Irrigation & Conveyance Systems

Darren Fillmore, PE, SWIIM System Ltd.
This session will cover the state of the art of surface irrigation and irrigation distribution systems, including how water accounting is helping to modernize gravity-fed irrigation in the 21st century. Learn about the benefits, challenges and future of these irrigation systems and distribution networks.

Navigating Through Different Irrigation Scheduling Tools

Jonathan Aguilar, PhD, PE, Kansas State University
Irrigation scheduling is at the heart of the irrigation management that can make any system effective or a failure. This session will focus on the basics of irrigation scheduling and discuss the different tools available. It will compare the tools against each other with an emphasis on the pros and cons, as well special considerations. The goal of this session is to equip attendees on how to navigate through the process of selecting irrigation scheduling tools widely available for the public.

Nursery & Greenhouse Irrigation

Steve McCoon, CID, CLIA, Nelson Irrigation Corp.
Nursery and greenhouse irrigation is perhaps the most diverse application in irrigated agriculture due to the large variety of plants and growing conditions. Learn how irrigation designers use different products and methods to meet the needs of various greenhouse, field-grown and container-grown nursery plants. 

Preparing Students for the Industry Panel

Tyler Fields, Valmont Industries; Theresa Parra, Netafim; and Sahil Sharma, Lindsay Corporation
This panel discussion will identify the skills needed for an ideal job applicant and what industry recruiters are looking for in their next hire. Learn what challenges and obstacles students are facing as they enter the profession and how you can best prepare them for a meaningful career in the green industry. 

Soil Salinity: An Old Problem With Modern Solutions

AJ Brown, Irrigation Innovation Consortium/Colorado State University
Salts exist in all natural waters and will inevitably accumulate in soils where water evapotranspiration amounts exceed amounts applied through irrigation and precipitation. It is estimated that nearly 5,000 acres are taken out of production every day worldwide due to salinization and sodification, resulting in an annual loss of $27.3 billion U.S. dollars. These economic and environmental issues will only be magnified as intensive and deficit irrigation around the world continues to expand due to precipitation variability caused by climate change. This presentation focuses on the basics of soil salinity management and also showcases some of the most modern technologies and approaches to this all too common issue. 

Virtual Tour of the Center for Irrigation Technology

Bill Green, Center for Irrigation Technology, and Kaomine Vang, Center for Irrigation Technology
Tune in to a live tour of the CIT facilities! The tour will give a broad overview of what CIT does. The tour will begin at the Water and Energy Technology Hydraulic Lab, move into the Water and Energy Technology Incubator offices and facilities, and conclude with a short demonstration of the educational capabilities of the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program utilizing the Pump Mobile Education Center.