Congratulations, new certificants!

The Irrigation Association and IA Certification Board recognize newly certified irrigation professionals who earned the following credentials between September 2020 and December 2020. IA’s Select Certified program has set the bar for industry professionals for over 30 years, recognizing exceptional commitment to efficient water management and irrigation best practices. IA-certified irrigation professionals have state-of-the-art training and technical skills to design, install, manage and maintain a variety of irrigation systems.

Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist

Brent Wellington, CAIS
DuWayne Fritz, CAIS, CID

Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor

Douglas Erwin, CGIA, CLIA

Certified Irrigation Contractor

Drew Barber, CIC, CIT, CLIA
Patrick Watts, CIC

Certified Irrigation Designer

Brooke Lochhead, CAIS, CID
Jacob Harder, CID
Michelle Preston, CID
Scott Curry, CID
Spencer Bernard, CID

Certified Irrigation Technician

Angel De Leon, CIT
Bradley Hill, CIT
Charlie Ampe, CIT
Christian Sherlock, CIT
Christopher Hogan, CIT
Edward Varmette, CIT
Eldon Earley, CIT
Evan Armstrong, CIT
John Sennott, CIC, CIT
Kenny Mitchell, CIT
Michael Jones, CIT
Nicholas Csukardi, CIT
Pete Taylor, CIT
Richard Rominger, CIT
Shaun Kelsey, CIT
Toby Karn, CIT

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Brett Klahr, CGIA, CLIA
Brian Bertolozzi, CLIA
Chelsey Trevino, CLIA
Douglas Erwin, CGIA, CLIA
Jerrad Lee, CIC, CIT, CLIA
Kenneth Macke, CLIA
Madison Oakley, CLIA
Rusty James, CLIA
Taylor Brinser, CLIA
Thomas Speer, CLIA
Timothy Haefele, CLIA
Zachary Hiler, CIT, CLIA