Maintain Your Certification

CEU Audit Requirements 

To protect the integrity of the Select Certified program, the IA Certification Board conducts an annual audit to validate continuing education units submitted by certified professionals. Participation in the audit is mandatory. 
If you are selected for the audit, you must submit supporting documentation for CEUs earned during the previous two-year cycle. Individuals who are unable to provide acceptable documentation for some or all of their submitted CEUs will receive a letter outlining the needed corrective action. 
Certified individuals who fail to respond to the initial audit request will receive a second letter and email reminders. Certified individuals who fail to respond to requests for documentation or corrective action will have their certifications revoked. To reactivate their certifications, individuals must retake all required exams. 
In case you are audited, you should keep written, supporting documentation for all continuing education activities for the current and previous two-year CEU cycles. Examples of acceptable supporting documentation include:  

  • Copies of articles and presentations. 
  • Program agendas from events. 
  • Attendance sheets, course syllabi or schedules, preferably signed by the instructor or coordinator to confirm attendance. 
  • Class rosters. 
  • Certificates of attendance.