Maintain Your Certification

Earn CEUs

Certified professionals can earn continuing education units for a wide variety of professional development activities, including

  • taking online classes, online irrigation seminars and online webinars.
  • attending IA classes.
  • attending irrigation and green industry classes, conferences, trade shows or other training.
  • teaching irrigation classes.
  • earning additional IA certifications.
  • presenting irrigation-focused technical papers.
  • judging irrigation competitions.
  • writing irrigation reference materials or books.
  • serving on an industry association board or committee.
  • attending business courses or seminars.

For a complete list of qualifying activities and CEUs earned, download the Certification Candidate Handbook.

Preapproved CEU Courses

To make earning CEUs as easy as possible, the IA Certification Board has preapproved education offered by some organizations and companies. Education providers can request pre-approval of their courses and events by completing and returning the CEU program application.

Download preapproved CEU courses

CEU Documentation

Certified professionals should keep written, supporting documentation for all continuing education activities for the current and previous two-year cycles, in case they are selected for the annual CEU audit.

Complete a CLIA Audit

Some certified landscape irrigation auditors qualify for a one-time opportunity to earn four CEUs by completing a landscape irrigation audit. Due to significant changes in the irrigation auditing procedures, CLIAs who became certified before the new rules went into effect can earn CEUs by completing an audit using the new forms.

To earn CEUs for completing a landscape irrigation audit, certified professionals must

  • be a CLIA in good standing who became certified before June 1, 2011.
  • submit an application to verify your eligibility. You must be pre-approved by the IA before submitting an audit.
  • Complete an original field audit using CEU audit-specific forms, then submit the audit and payment to the IA.
  • Pass with a minimum score of 70 percent.

For information about earning CEUs or the CLIA audit, contact the IA at 703.536.7080.