IA Select Program

The Irrigation Association is committed to expanding education offerings for irrigation professionals by identifying irrigation classes that align with IA’s best management practices standards. Providers submit course material to an IA review committee, and those providers with courses meeting specified criteria become members of the IA Select program and bear the IA Select label.

Program Benefits

Since endorsement is voluntary, an IA Select class shows the education provider’s commitment to quality irrigation education. The benefits of endorsement to the education provider include:

  • Quality. The IA Select label will instantly convey quality to your customers.
  • Marketing. Endorsed providers will receive the IA Select logo to use in marketing and promotion materials for all approved classes.
  • Credibility. All classes endorsed by IA Select will be listed on the IA website.
  • Continuing Education. Approved classes automatically qualify to earn IA continuing education units that can be applied to IA certifications.


To earn an IA Select label for an irrigation course, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be an IA member organization.
  • Complete an application.
  • Submit course material and instructor qualifications.
  • Pay the program fee:
    • $750 per class for up to three classes.
    • $600 per class for four or more classes.

For full application and approval requirements, please download the IA Select Program Guidelines document.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the program application.
  2. Submit a nonrefundable program fee to IA for each class. The fee will be used to cover expenses incurred while reviewing the application. Fees will not be returned to the organization in the case of an incomplete application or denial of a request to become an IA Select class.

Education providers must resubmit course materials every year in order to maintain the IA Select label for approved classes. Please contact us with any questions.