Position Statements

The Irrigation Association’s advocacy efforts are driven by a series of position statements that have been vetted by our members and approved by the Board of Directors.

The IA’s positions reflect our mission to promote efficient irrigation, ensure long-term sustainability of water resources and represent best practices in

  • water-use efficiency.
  • irrigation technologies, products and services.
  • water resource planning.

Alternative Water Sources for Irrigation

Like potable water, non-potable water is a vital and limited resource. We support the efficient first use and appropriate reuse of water resources for irrigation.

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Applied Irrigation Water Measurement

We support deployment of practices and technologies to measure water applied by irrigation systems.

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Benefits of Irrigated Agriculture

We support the use of efficient irrigation in order to increase agriculture productivity.

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Benefits of Irrigated Turfgrass and Landscapes

We support the cultivation and maintenance of landscapes, including the application of efficient irrigation methods and other necessary inputs.

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Determining Water Requirements of the Irrigated Landscape

We support the use of water-budget methods, along with measurement of the applied water, based on local and regional scientific data.

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Economic Benefits of Efficient Irrigation

We believe that the irrigation industry is a growing and significant contributor to economic growth.

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Incentives for Efficient Irrigation Products and Services

We support the development and promotion of environmentally responsible economic and regulatory incentives for

  • installation of efficient irrigation products and systems.
  • retrofits of existing irrigation systems with water-efficient technologies.
  • design and maintenance practices that foster and support efficient irrigation.

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Licensing for Landscape Irrigation Professionals

We support only state and provincial licensing initiatives that are embraced by the state’s irrigation industry. The IA recognizes that different forms of licensing may be appropriate for different states and provinces and that one single approach may not work among different states.

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Product Labeling for Efficient Landscape Irrigation Equipment

We support independent third-party programs that label landscape irrigation products that are developed with proper input of appropriate stakeholders.

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We support planning and policymaking that promotes the sustainability of the irrigation industry, in addition to recognizing the environmental, economic and social benefits derived from efficient irrigation.

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Water Storage, Infrastructure and Conveyance

As part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that water is available for irrigation for future generations, we support the development of and investment in new and existing water infrastructure, including but not limited to, aboveground and belowground storage facilities and conveyance systems.

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