2021 Webinar Series

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ASTM Bonders Qualification Certification Course

Stephen Gardiner, IPS Corporation
This hands-on course will go over the basic principles and proper techniques for solvent welding as well as tips, repairs and safety precautions. Attendees will have the opportunity to solvent weld PVC pipe and send their test pipe to be approved for the IPS Weld-On Bonder Qualification. 

Fundamentals of Electrical Troubleshooting

Brad Jakubowski, Pennsylvania State University
In this hands-on and interactive workshop, attendees will learn the fundamentals of electrical troubleshooting for an irrigation system. Attendees will use multimeters to identify electrical problems with controllers, solenoids, common wires and valve control wires. Additional electrical testers will be discussed. A basic comparison of standard irrigation wiring and two-wire systems may also be reviewed.

Fundamentals of Two-Wire Systems

Craig Borland, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA, CLWM, The Toro Company
Learn the fundamentals of two-wire systems in this hands-on session packed with real-world examples. Participants will learn design characteristics, how to take accurate amp readings and how to effectively troubleshoot two-wire systems. Explore different two-wire systems like stand-alone and central control, with additional discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of using a completely new system versus modifying an existing one.

Introduction to Backflow

Paul Wait, Zurn Industries
This specialized backflow class explores backflow basics, cross connections, hazard classifications and the main types of testable backflow preventers installed on irrigation systems. Approved installation requirements are reviewed while considering influencing factors like line flushing, drainage, winterization, theft prevention, testing and maintenance. 

Marketplace Trends & Regulatory Update

John Farner, Netafim and Warren Gorowitz, CLIA, Hunter Industries
As the irrigation industry adapts to the “new normal” of our society, what are the marketplace trends and regulations that are driving change? This session will feature a lively discussion with industry leaders about innovation, consumer behavior and what is driving technology adoption in 2021 and beyond. 

Recent Graduates Panel, “What I Wish I Knew Then”

Panelists will include a variety of recent graduates who are now working in the industry
During this one-hour panel we will hear from recent graduates that are now working in the irrigation industry. Hear from a student’s perspective what they wish they had known upon graduating and entering the industry. Come ready with questions for our panelists! 

Teaching Techniques Panel

Craig Borland, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA, CLWM, The Toro Company; Franklin Gaudi, PhD, CAIS, CIC, CID, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; and Toni Monzon, CLIA, Bilingual Training Institute
During this 1.5-hour panel, attendees will hear from industry training experts. Learn tips and ideas to take back to your classroom on how to convey technical material in an engaging way to students, technology and more! Come ready with questions for our experts!