Job Position

National Sales Manager

National sales managers oversee all sales activities at the national or corporate level. Together with regional and district sales managers, national managers identify business objectives; develop budgets and financial forecasts; and implement plans to increase brand awareness, sales, profitability, market share and customer satisfaction. National sales managers also oversee the manufacturer’s distribution network and develop inventory and pricing strategies.


  • Establish sales goals and set targets for regions and districts.
  • Design marketing and incentive programs to increase sales, introduce new products and services, grow market share and improve profitability.
  • Manage distribution network, including developing strategic sourcing agreements, identifying new business partners, negotiating pricing and setting account margin targets.
  • Work closely with dealer/distributor partners to develop and implement annual business plans, including sales and marketing strategies, product line launches and customer line reviews.
  • Develop and implement inventory strategy to ensure manufacturer and distribution network has sufficient stock of whole goods, service parts and accessories, including forecasting demand, monitoring key performance indicators and managing assets.
  • Work with regional sales managers to hire, evaluate and develop sales representatives and support personnel to ensure that the territory is fully serviced and employees are properly trained.
  • Monitor and develop plans to address changing market conditions, business opportunities and competitor initiatives.

Education & Experience

  • Master of Business Administration required.
  • Ten years experience required in irrigation, agriculture, sales, business and sales team management.
  • Demonstrated success meeting business goals and growing sales.


  • $90,000 – $120,000*

  • 10% – 15% commission*

*Irrigation industry compensation information is based on reporting by Irrigation Association members, industry recruiters, online job postings and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compensation varies by candidate experience and job location. This data is provided for information only and does not represent a guarantee or commitment by the Irrigation Foundation.​