Individual Members

As a trade association, the IA primarily focuses on serving businesses in the irrigation industry. The association offers a limited number of individual membership categories for irrigation professionals who are not employed by a company that qualifies for corporate or associate membership. The individual member receives member benefits that are nontransferable.

  • Student members are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate level courses at a technical school, college, university or similar institution of higher learning. Current class schedule must be submitted with membership application.
  • Technical members are university or government personnel involved in irrigation research related to the engineering, design, layout, use or application of irrigation equipment, or they are a college/university faculty member or instructor. Qualified individuals may also apply for a lifetime technical membership for a one-time investment.
  • Retired members are no longer employed in the irrigation industry. Qualified individuals may apply for a lifetime retired membership for a one-time investment.
  • Unemployed members are individuals in the irrigation industry who are temporarily unemployed. This membership is available for a one-year period, and it is not prorated and nonrenewable.

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