30 for 30 Initiative

The 30 for 30 Initiative program is a new volunteer entity tasked with contacting potential, new and recently lapsed members with the goals of member recruitment and retention. The program operates in a different format than a traditional committee. Much like the legacy Ambassador Program, this new model has open enrollment accepting new volunteers throughout the year. 

View the program requirements below and see who already volunteers. If you would like to participate, please email us.

Program Description

This new volunteer entity will have an open enrollment accepting new volunteers throughout the year. All volunteers must be current IA members. There will not be roll-off dates but rather the volunteers leave when they no longer wish to participate or cannot achieve the requirements of the group.

This group will concentrate on contacting potential, new and recently lapsed members. The required tasks listed below are mandatory program requirements for each team member.

Required Tasks

  • Phone prospective members to invite them to join. Team members will make prospect calls to 10 assigned companies (up to three tries).
  • Contact new members to welcome them to the IA and educate them on how to get involved. Team members will call or email 10 new members (up to two tries).
  • Contact recently lapsed members to encourage them to renew. Team members will make calls to 10 recently lapsed members (up to three tries).
  • Attend at least two (out of four) webinars a year held by IA staff to learn current IA information to share with potential and current members.
  • Complete and return spreadsheets noting contacts made and any information collected.

Optional Tasks

  • Staff IA booths at trade shows where attending with employer or shows that are located within the member’s local area.
  • Volunteer at the Irrigation Show.
  • Be available and willing to act as an industry expert via phone and/or email for questions that may arise from members.

Desired Participant Traits

Successful volunteers will have the following characteristics (but not limited to):

  • excited about the IA and its mission
  • knowledgeable about the irrigation industry
  • willing and comfortable to interact with people on the phone and in person
  • good communicator
  • proactive

Goals & Tracking

The IA staff liaison will track the group’s efforts relying heavily on open communication and the timeliness of spreadsheet submissions. The program’s success will be measured based on volunteer interest, follow-through on making calls, information collected, number of new members earned, and eventually, retention rates of these new members.