Spanish Education Offerings

If you are interested in ways to train your Spanish-speaking employees, the Irrigation Association offers multiple tools to provide valuable turf and landscape irrigation training in Spanish to your staff.

Drip Irrigation Components & Installation Course

This online course is available for immediate use. Taught in Spanish, it provides an overview of the advantages of drip systems, parts and components, as well as where to install line source or point source systems, pressure compensating emitters, basic design, hydrozoning and determining how many emitters per plant.

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Electrical Troubleshooting Book

This 145-page manual is printed in Spanish and provides a novice-level introduction to the subject of hydraulics and electricity. It covers the diagnosis of problems at the beginning when inspecting and accepting a newly installed system, and it shows the proper process for making a diagnosis and finding solutions in defective systems.

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Tailgate Training: Pipes, Fittings & Assembly

You and your team are on the move, and our digital Tailgate Training goes with you. The Spanish version of this kit offers beginner-level training in pipes, fittings and assembly in five 20- to 30-minute training lessons. This digital kit includes trainer notes, copies of each lesson and student progress sheets.

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For questions or more information about the IA’s education resources, contact the education department.