Prepare for Exams

Exam Day FAQ

How do I know where to go the day of my exam? 
You will receive a confirmation email that includes the test you registered for, your candidate ID and the exam location, date and time. For computer-based tests, the confirmation will also include the launch code you will need to begin the exam. 
I can’t find my confirmation. What should I do? 
You will not be admitted into the test without your confirmation email. Please contact the Irrigation Association at 703.536.7080 to request a new confirmation.  
When should I arrive? 
You should arrive at the testing location at least 15 minutes before the scheduled exam start time. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the room and will be considered “no shows.” 
What should I bring with me? 
You should bring (1) your confirmation email, (2) a current photo ID with signature (e.g., a driver’s license or passport), and (3) any tools specified in the confirmation email (e.g., calculator, engineer ruler, measuring wheels). 
Is the exam open book? 
No. Books, papers, study aids, translation aids and other reference materials may not be brought into the exam room. Scratch sheets and equation sheets will be provided.  
Can I bring a calculator, ruler, etc. to the exam? 
Your confirmation email specifies what tools you are allowed to bring to the test. Permitted tools vary by test but may include a calculator, engineer ruler, measuring wheels, etc. Cell phones or tablets may not be used as a calculator. 
Can I bring the worksheet with equations used on the test? 
No. A worksheet with equations used on the test will be provided. 
Can I bring blank scratch paper to calculate answers? 
No. Scratch paper will be provided. 
Can I take a break during the exam? 
There are no scheduled breaks during the exam session. You may ask to leave the room to use the restroom but must leave all materials in the exam room. Only one person at a time may leave the exam room. Candidates who take a break will not receive any extra time to take the exam. 
Do I need to stay for the full time if I finish the exam early? 
No. You may leave the testing room after turning in all exam materials. 
Who should I contact with other questions? 
Contact the IA office at 703.536.7080.