Landscape Certifications

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Certification gives you a competitive edge. Become a certified landscape irrigation auditor and

  • add instant credibility with customers and employers.
  • increase job opportunities.
  • demonstrate your commitment to efficient water management.
  • qualify for the EPA WaterSense program.

CLIA Overview

CLIAs quantify and analyze landscape irrigation water use. CLIAs

  • collect site data.
  • make maintenance recommendations and perform minor repairs.
  • perform field measurements and observations.
  • determine irrigation uniformity and efficiency.
  • develop a basic irrigation schedule.
  • work with a water manager or property owner to manage overall irrigation water use.

Becoming a CLIA

To become a CLIA, you must:

  1. Register for the exam. Recommended: one year of irrigation-related work experience.
  2. Pass the irrigation auditor exam. The three-hour exam includes 125 equally weighted, multiple-choice questions on irrigation audit procedures, soil-plant relationships, irrigation scheduling and equipment/technology.
  3. Comply with the Select Certified Code of Ethics.
  4. Remain in good standing. CLIAs must submit 20 continuing education units per two-year cycle.

** Submitting an independent audit is no longer a requirement to becoming an IA CLIA. However, please note that completing the steps in “Becoming a CLIA” will not automatically qualify you to being WaterSense recognized. If you would like for your CLIA to be WaterSense recognized, please follow the additional steps below.

Becoming WaterSense Recognized

In order for your CLIA to be WaterSense recognized, you must provide proof to the IA that you have completed an audit. The options to complete the audit are as follow:

  1. Submit a landscape irrigation audit. Audits must be completed independently and verified by an IA-certified professional in good standing. The following further outlines this requirement:
  1. Take an IA Landscape Irrigation Auditor class. Since audits are performed in this class, taking the class will satisfy this WaterSense requirement.

CLIA Exam Fees

Landscape Irrigation Auditor Exam Fee — $250 (Member), $495 (Nonmember)
Exam Retake Fee — $200 (Member), $325 (Nonmember)
Audit Resubmission Fee — $75 (Member), $125 (Nonmember)
Annual Renewal Fee (one certification) — $75 (Member), $125 (Nonmember); plus $25 for each additional certification 

See the Certification Candidate Handbook for exam policies, procedures and fees outside of North America.