Clean Water Act

Recent IA Activities 

Draft Clean Water Act Guidance

July 29, 2011  
In response to the proposed EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Guidance Regarding Identification of Waters Protected by the Clean Water Act, the IA joined 40 other organizations, outlining our top concerns regarding the proposed guidance document.
Proposed in April 2011, the draft guidance attempts to provide clarity for federal agencies to enforce provisions of the Clean Water Act; however, it expands the authority and scope of the Clean Water Act beyond the current authority as dictated by statute and the courts.
Click here to view the letter signed by the IA. 

IA 2010 Legislative Conference

March 18 – 20, 2010 
Proposed changes to the Clean Water Act were one of the priority issues during IA’s 2010 Legislative Conference. Thirty members heard presentations by policymakers and influencers and participated in more than 45 meetings with elected officials and staffers to discuss issues facing the irrigation industry.
Attendees asked their elected officials to base any legislative effort to clarify the Clean Water Act’s scope on the following principles:

  • Maintain the distinction between federal and state waters by retaining the term “navigable waters.”
  • Adhere to the fundamental principle that states retain primary jurisdiction over water and land use within their individual boundaries.
  • Clarify jurisdiction without expanding it.
  • Avoid creating more confusion.